Chapter 1 – Overview

1. Is the reign of God a present reality?
– The Paradox of having only One God.

There is only One God. He is Lord of both Heaven and Earth. God does not share His rule with anyone else. There are no co-regents. There is no God besides the Lord alone. He is the sole creator of everything. There are no co-creators. God created both good and evil. He is also the sole agent of every event. There are no secondary causes. God is the previous, adequate cause of all things.

Now some want to make and apply a distinction between what God causes and what God allows. Humans have limitations to what they can cause to happen and what they can prevent from happening. But those limitations do not apply to God, since God is able to prevent from happening anything He doesn’t want to happen. (Remember what God said to Abimelech in Gen 20:8 and what God said to Satan in Job 2:6) So don’t imagine that the same rules apply to God as those that apply to men. As far as God causing or God allowing, there really is no difference.

The Kingdom of God, where God sovereignly rules over all events, is here now and is a present reality. God so sovereignly controls every event, both mental and physical, that we have no choice but to obey Him. Does that make God evil? No. And here is why.


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