Who is God?

God is the One who controls everything. Everyone knows this. That is not to say that everyone believes that God exists, or that everyone believes that God controls everything, but only that by definition, if you ask “Who is the one person/deity who controls everything?”, then the answer to that question can only be “God”. (Rom 1:19)

God controls everything. That is the gospel that I and all believers have been assigned to preach. But that is not the gospel that is actually being preached in the world. The bible tells us to “Say among the nations: The Lord Reigns”. Isn’t that the same thing as saying “God controls everything”? And isn’t that exactly the message that John the Baptist was preaching when he said “Repent ye, for the kingdom of God is at hand”. (“At hand” means here, now, already present)

I think so.

So what happened? If it is true that we are commanded to preach “The Lord Reigns”, then why aren’t people declaring that? For that matter, if it is true that God controls everything, then why isn’t it commonly known? Why must so fundamental and obvious a truth have to be taught? Has this knowledge been suppressed?

Since the beginning of creation, the whole world has been deceived. How is that possible? For one thing, we have been duped. We are all victims of an evil education passed down to us by our parents. I believe that God wants us to know Him in all His authority and majesty as He truly is. It is only now, at the close of this age and prior to the advent of the World to Come, that the veil is being lifted from the eyes of our understanding and the light of the true gospel is penetrating the prevailing darkness.

My message is simple. God controls everything. That is my entire message. But because so many have been deceived for so long, it is going to take un-doing a lot of wrong teaching to present right doctrine in its proper context. What I’m about to tell you concerns the hidden wisdom of God, which the world has been unable to receive until now. You have not heard this message until now. In fact you have been told that God’s sovereignty is not absolute. You have been lied to and told that God’s power and control are limited somehow by freewill or by Satan. You have been told wrongly that God is not responsible for all the evil in the world, but that rather that Satan is or that people are responsible because of freewill. On top of all the lies that are told, there are some true things that you have not been told.

That is about to change. God through His Spirit is beginning to reveal these mysteries to you.

1. Since God controls everything, disobeying Him is impossible. Once you know God as He truly is, you know that you obey Him in all things. How can you disobey an Omnicausal God? You cannot. That is why we are called Saints. The Saints are different. We know God in Truth. We know that God so sovereignly and thoroughly controls every event, both mental and physical, that we have no choice but to obey Him. Those who say they know Him but do not obey Him are liars. (1 John 2:4) And those who know that truth know that everything we do is wrought by God. (John 3:21)

2. If God controls everything, then He should be the one to pay the penalty for all the sin and evil in the world. And He did! God knew exactly what it would be like before He created this world. He knew about the fall. He knew about all the sin and evil that would occur. And He knew, before He laid the foundation for the world He built, that He was the one responsible for all of it. He knew before He created the world the way it is, that He would go to the cross and pay the death penalty for all He had made and done. Christ’s atonement was unlimited in scope and effect. God was in Christ on the cross reconciling the world to Himself.

3. Jesus said “Without me, you can do nothing”. And that is exactly right. We can never operate separately or distinctly or independently of God’s agency. Our existence, being, thoughts and actions are thoroughly gratuitous and radically contingent on God’s will, acts, and agency. Yes, my friend, freewill is a myth. Freewill is a human myth based on the Satanic lie. We are not expected to exercise our will to do what God wants. We are called to surrender (give up; abandon; abdicate; repent of) our notions of freewill. The Elect will overcome the lie. That is why we are called Overcomers.

4. Not everyone can believe this message. It is only those who have faith who can believe that God controls everything. For everyone else, it is impossible for them to believe. When I tell people that God controls everything, I get exactly two responses. Either they consider it and eventually come to believe it. Or they hear it and tell me they cannot believe that God controls everything. When that happens I know that they are not one of the Chosen (Elect). It is God’s Grace (arbitrary choice) as to who has faith and who has no faith. Being foreordained, once you hear the true gospel, the faith that is dormant in you reacts and you come alive. Everyone else is pre-condemned.
Is that really the same gospel that Jesus preached? Did you know that Jesus preached the gospel? And did you know that Jesus taught his disciples the gospel, and that his disciples preached the gospel before Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection ever occurred? The gospel that Jesus preached and the gospel that I am preaching is the same gospel that was preached in the Old Testament under the Old Covenant and it is the same gospel that will be preached in the future. The Jews were taught this message from the beginning. God named the father of their religion “Ysra-El”. Ysra, in Hebrew, means Ruler, Commander. El means God. The name Israel literally means “God rules”. The Psalmist declared repeatedly “The Lord Reigns”. That is the gospel they were told to “preach to the Nations”. They were to simply declare “The Lord Reigns”.

There is only one gospel. The gospel says “God Rules”. The true gospel is that God controls everything here and now. The Lord reigns in Heaven and on earth. The kingdom of God, where God’s will is unerringly carried out, is a present reality. For now, in this age, God’s will is being done in secret. But some of us have come to know the truth even now.


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