Sovereignty Unlimited – The Case for an Omnicausal God

Sovereignty Unlimited
The Case for an Omnicausal God

For any thinking person, the notion of an Omnicausal God logically raises a host of questions and objections. I can only respond to them one at a time. That is why I am taking a Systematic approach. In Chapter 1, I lay out the premise that God controls everything. In Chapter 2, I address the question: “If God controls everything, how can God judge the world?” The answer comes from rightly understanding Christ’s Atonement. This logically leads to the question in Chapter 3: “If Jesus already atoned for all sin, why isn’t everyone saved?” Chapters 4 and 6 deal with doctrinal issues: Grace and Faith; Predestination and Election. In chapters 5 and 7 I engage in apologetics: “Doesn’t the existence of evil prove that God does not control everything?” And “Don’t we believe and get saved by exercising our free will?” And so on with each chapter flowing naturally into the next.

There is an unsatisfied spiritual hunger in the world today. People are rejecting traditional religions. They are seeking answers that make sense. You may think that no amount of persuasion will convince people to believe the claim that God controls everything. And for some, that is certainly true. The answers presented here will never satisfy everyone. But I think there are other reasons why this message is important and timely. My hope is the assertions made herein will a) renew secular interest in the idea of an Omnicausal God and b) challenge the opposition to hone and frame their arguments in light of what is said here about God’s Unlimited Atonement and Sovereignty. But most especially I hope to c) furnish the finishing touches to the body of Christ to present her perfect and without blemish in all her stunning beauty and royal glory.

My vision is to cause many people to believe and know God as He truly is and thereby achieve the freedom and perfection of the Saints that is promised to us in Scripture. In order to prepare the Saints for their forever home with God it is necessary that they know the truth both about God and about themselves. It is not Truth itself that sets a person free. Rather it is their knowledge of the truth, the truth that a person knows, that will set them free. So let’s get started getting you, my reader, Perfected and Free. We begin with a simple question.


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