Table of Contents

   Chapter Title
1 Is the Reign of God a Present Reality?
2 Did Jesus Die for the Sins of the Whole World?
3 Do Sinners Go To Heaven?
4 Who Chooses Whom?
5 What about Apparent Evil?
6 Is Salvation by Grace or by Faith?
7 Free Will: Fact or Fiction?
8 Was Jesus Really God?
9 Why Nothing Bad Happens to the Righteous
10 Does the Future Already Actually Exist?
11 Are Christians Free to Sin?
12 How to be Children of the Light
13 How to Tap into the Fountain of Wisdom
14 Inductive Proof for the Existence of God
15 Does Prayer Actually Change Things?
16 How the Judgment Works
17 Why Preach the Gospel?

What follows is an overview of each chapter from my book “Sovereignty Unlimited – The Case for an Omnicausal God”.


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